Gavin Gregson

Gavin Gregson


Gavin is a driven and enthusiastic software developer and serial startup collector. He’s been the CTO of two small publicly listed companies, launched a dot com startup in San Francisco during the boom (but too late to actually sell out during the boom…). His experience has included film and TV editing systems, web development, scientific and medical imaging software, secure time-stamping systems, games and mobile apps, and cloud SaaS products.

Gavin loves solving challenging problems and delivering solutions that delight their users. He has a Master of Information Technology and a Master of Business Administration from Deakin University.

Technical Skills & Experience:

Most recently Gavin’s been working with C# and the .NET framework, both the full framework and .NET Core. He has experience with a range of Azure services have helped build a globally distributed SaaS data analytics product deployed on Azure.

Languages include C#, C++, SQL, PowerShell, TypeScript/JavaScript, various others at different times including Delphi, Perl, various assembly dialects, etc. He’s played with F# a little too.

He’s worked with front-end web technologies such as Bootstrap and Angular, as well as building UWP apps, and a commercial game product using the Unity game engine.