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How Mexia made a having single digital health record a reality

Ever-evolving, the Australian healthcare sector is facing an accelerated rate of change. Advancing technology brings new possibilities for patient care, budgets are shrinking and competitive pressure is on the rise. As patients take more and more control of their own healthcare journey, they have far greater expectations of their healthcare providers than they did even just a few years ago.

In 2016 however, Mexia successfully delivered a cloud-hosted integration platform for Bendigo Health that enabled their vision for a real-time Digital Hospital.

Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Mexia’s ‘MexConnect’ integration reference architecture enabled Bendigo Health’s clinicians to get a whole customer view of the patient by capturing, processing and retaining health information from many of the hospitals’ clinical and non-clinical systems. For both patients and clinicians, it means much greater efficiency, transparency and accuracy.

Critically, Bendigo Health’s decision to maintain strategic ownership over the hospital’s integration engine was key to continued flexibility, avoidance of siloed systems, and standardised messaging protocols.

For Bendigo Health, the Microsoft-based integration solution created using Mexia’s MexConnect reference architecture was affordable, fast to establish and implement, and is now efficient to run on-going. Built on proven Azure cloud technology, yet embracing open standards for plug-and-play interoperability with industry-standard HL7 protocols, Mexia’s solution for Bendigo Health helps deliver on the promise of person-centric care.

Bendigo Health: pioneering change

In <date>, Mexia started working with Bendigo Health to bring their vision of a single, integrated digital health record to life. We worked collaboratively and in an agile way with Bendigo Health from the outset.

Built on the Microsoft platform and in Azure, the solution enables Bendigo Health’s clinicians to get a whole customer view of the patient by capturing, processing and retaining heath messages and data from many disparate sources. With this innovative new technology, clinicians benefit from significantly enhanced visibility regarding their patient’s history, current needs, results and future care requirements. The system has enabled improvements in the quality and safety of care that clinical staff are able to provide to patients, as well as better patient outcomes such as reduced length of stay and re-admissions.

We only wanted to work with someone who would understand the environment - I didn’t want to spend ages explaining my vision. When there’s so much risk involved, you need the best of the best to ensure you have a sound solution, and what Mexia has done is phenomenal.

Stephen XXX, XXX, Bendigo Health

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