What do we look for in a Unicorn? Get to know our champion team here!

Are you looking to choose a new adventure?

We don’t look to fill positions. We look to fulfill people. We’re looking for a rare breed of person, what we affectionately call a Unicorn. A unicorn is someone who loves solving problems and questions conventional wisdom when appropriate. They have a thirst for knowledge and have developed deep, professional skills in a range of technology areas that solve business problems.

Unicorns thrive on choice and want to “design” their own future – it’s a “choose your own adventure” approach that is embedded deeply in our culture.

At Mexia, we’re not afraid to do things differently. For example we don’t do formal, scheduled performance reviews – you can evaluate yourself at any time and then request a pay rise. Building your career is your responsibility, but we have a learning and development structure in place for when you want to step things up.

Current opportunities at Mexia


Didn’t find a suitable opportunity above? Email our “Unicorn Whisperer” to discuss your career opportunities and help find your own adventure: careers@mexia.com.au

Why work at Mexia?

We all believe that life is too short to drag your feet into work everyday. As such, we want Mexia to be a place where talented people flourish – professionally and personally – and a part of their careers that they look back on fondly.

Therefore, we are incredibly proud of the fact that in 2017, Team Mexia has been awarded:

Microsoft 2017 Australia Partner of the Year

 #8 best place to work in Australia under 100 employees

 #13 Best Place To Work in Asia

"Mexia have recruited a talented team who genuinely care about each other and the work they deliver for their customers. Continual growth is extremely important and Mexia provide the framework and support for you to meet your goals. The team’s passion for modern technology is contagious and I have learnt a lot from everyone. I am really enjoying my experience here at Mexia, the team is like a big family who also has a lot of fun together.”

Susie Moore, Senior Consultant
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